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Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) Public Charter School

MCN Build modernized Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) Public Charter School’s new home at Kingsbury campus. Built in 1907, the modernization of this historic school included a complete renovation of the 80,000 SF building. The updated facility features additional classrooms, a cafeteria, library, multi-use shared spaces, offices, new playgrounds, soccer fields, and outdoor classrooms built from trees harvested on-site, all with specialized material and natural furnishings. The sustainable design and construction of this project minimizes the impact on the environment and complies with LEED Gold requirements.

Maury Elementary School

MCN Build modernized and expanded Maury Elementary School to accommodate the school’s projected growth. The project included the renovation of the historic 1886 building and the construction of a three-story addition. The newly updated school benefits over 450 elementary school students with a new kitchen/serving area and additional educational spaces. The HVAC system was also upgraded to support the new addition. This project is seeking LEED Gold Certification.

Houston Elementary School

Houston Elementary School received a full modernization including hazardous materials abatement, interior gutting and demolition, and a complete interior renovation. The renovation creates programmed outdoor spaces, visual arts labs, science and technology labs, and classrooms. Houston ES was completed in time for the 2020 school year to accommodate the anticipated enrollment, and during the modernization, students will swing on-site in trailers. The project will align with the District-wide educational specifications and will achieve LEED Gold Certification.

Hyde-Addison Elementary School

The renovation and expansion of Hyde-Addison Elementary School connected the campus’s two main buildings with a multi-purpose space, providing additional educational spaces and classrooms to meet academic needs. The roof of the addition was delivered with playgrounds, landscape, and hardscape to prioritize the playground availability. Hyde-Addison is seeking LEED Gold Certification.

Mamie D. Lee Campus

MCN Build renovated and constructed an addition to the existing Mamie D. Lee campus to house two separate public charter schools. The Bridges Public Charter School serves Pre-K through 5th grade, and Briya Public Charter School is the only local charter school that educates adults and their young children. The project is LEED Gold Certified.

Rocketship Rise Academy Public Charter School

Rocketship DC Public Charter School (I) is a newly completed facility that provides early childhood development programs for kindergarten through 5th grade students. This LEED Platinum project features a welcoming gathering place that connects large assembly spaces to an educational wing.

Achievement Prep – Wahler Campus

MCN Build expanded Achievement Prep’s new campus from a 50,000 SF building for grades 4-8 into a 105,000 SF, two-building campus to house grades PreK3-8th. This two-phased effort included construction of a new middle school and renovation of the existing structure. This state-of-the-art project earned LEED Gold Certification.

Rocketship Legacy Prep Public Charter School

The new 58,000 SF school houses Pre-K, kindergarten, and elementary school students. This educational project includes classrooms, two learning labs, a parents’ room, cafeteria, a nurses’ suite, a gymnasium, and a multi-use gathering space. The administrative area houses offices and conference rooms for the school staff. This project is seeking LEED Platinum Certification.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Digital Commons

MCN Build modernized the 45,000 SF digital library and great hall in the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, a building listed on the National Historic Registry. These spaces now feature cutting-edge computer stations and community meeting areas to encourage creativity and artistic endeavors. The library houses more than 70 computers loaded with the latest design software.

Capital City Public Charter School

MCN Build transformed a 167,000 SF, decommissioned D.C. Public School facility into a new home for the Capital City Public Charter School. MCN Build completed this $1.2 million below GMP and the project achieved LEED Silver Certification.