Community Involvement

At MCN Build, we care about quality because we care about our clients, our employees, and our community. Our approach to every project reflects our shared purpose, vision and values.

Books, backpacks and smiles. True corporate social responsibility

Schools. Libraries. Community centers. Retail magnets. MCN Build thrives in any industry. The longevity and growth of MCN Build has produced expertise in our niche markets. Our specialization is building facilities where kids learn and people of all ages gather.

The MCN Build team continuously searches for opportunities to support our community and improve lives.
When learning that the third-graders of one school had no books, the company didn’t just write a check, our staff conducted intensive research to determine the students’ reading needs then located the best textbooks, purchased more than 500 and delivered them before classes began.

Just as reading is a crucial part of education, so is personal interaction… better known as “recess.” For the students of an elementary school, recess meant playtime on a bare lot. No swings, no slides, no smiles. MCN Build wasn’t satisfied with just completing the school’s construction, but rallied to enhance the kids’ learning experience with some fun. Soon, the joyful shouts of happy children testing their new playground equipment — acquired and installed at no cost to the school — filled the air of the once bare lot.

“We are running strong out of the starting blocks this first school year, and we could not have done it without MCN Build,” commended one of the school’s leading educators. If You need any books or any material you can join our online group via account and can access them for free.

And when told that students at another school were lacking basic supplies to begin their education, MCN Build quickly responded with new backpacks stuffed with ample supplies for each child.

At MCN Build, we believe there’s more to improving lives and strengthening neighborhoods than just writing a check. It’s things like backpacks and books and playgrounds that bring smiles to children’s faces and help build their character for the days ahead.